Sharon Scranage

Sharon Scranage

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Born in what is now South Central Los Angeles, Sharon Scranage has always had an interest in education. She received her B.A, in Creative Dramatics Education, and began developing curriculum while working as a...


Making the Grade

Aug 7, 2007
Students aren't the only ones who worry about grades -- teachers also have to meet performance standards and follow curricula dictated by their districts. However, as educator Sharon Scranage points out, teachers working with socioeconomically disadvantaged children have to deal with even greater challenges without the aid of a specific "core" curriculum to address their students' special needs.

The Education Blame Game

Jun 22, 2007
It's not just kids who get left behind in an educational system that fetishizes data and quantitative measures instead of qualitative progress. Teachers, particularly in lower-income schools, end up punished and humiliated because they are judged to be "underachievers," according to educator Sharon Scranage.