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Larry Blumenfeld writes regularly about music and culture for The Wall Street Journal and Daily Beast. His work has appeared in publications and websites including The Village Voice, The New York Times and Salon.


Larry Blumenfeld on Nat Hentoff

Aug 6, 2010
A new collection of writings by one of America’s greatest self-described Jewish atheists distills the essence of his half-century defense of civil liberties and jazz -- the nation’s most original and influential art.A new collection of writings distills the essence of Hentoff's half-century defense of civil liberties and jazz -- America’s most original art.

Joyful Noises and Joyless Measures in New Orleans

Jul 3, 2010
David Simon's HBO series "Treme" picks up on a theme that courses through the show: the longstanding tension between the city's culture bearers and its powers that be. That tension has ratcheted up, or at least has grown more pointed, since 2005.In post-Katrina New Orleans, tensions between the city's culture bearers and its powers that be has ratcheted up since 2005.

Larry Blumenfeld on New Orleans After Katrina

Jul 24, 2009
Why are New Orleanians -- along with people from all over the world who continue to flock there -- so devoted to a place that was, even before the storm, the most corrupt, impoverished and violent corner of America? "Nine Lives" by Dan Baum helps provide an answer.Why are New Orleanians so devoted to one of the most corrupt, impoverished and violent corners of America?

Yes We Can Can

Aug 30, 2008
New Orleans has figured into this election season as a reminder of the Bush administration's bungled, uncaring response to Katrina. Yet amid so much talk of hope and change, on this anniversary of disaster, many in New Orleans hope for a change of policy -- the kind of federal assistance that can make a dent in crises of housing, public safety, education, health care and levee protection. It makes sense for musicians to kick-start that conversation.

Jazz Fest ’08: Homecoming on Muddy Ground

May 27, 2008
It's easy in New Orleans these days to read meaning and purpose into every lyric or song choice -- was Sheryl Crow commenting on the housing crisis by covering "Gimme Shelter," or was she just doing a Stones tune? Also, it's impossible to take in all the music and all the messages emanating from the Jazz Fest's 10 stages. Still, a good deal of what I did catch was timely, topical and worth remembering.