Helen Redmond

Helen Redmond

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Helen Redmond is senior editor at Filter magazine. An expert on tobacco harm reduction, she provides training and consultation on mental health, nicotine use and THR, and in 2016 organized the first Tobacco Harm...


Paging Dr. Paul: The Sickness Is in the System

Oct 20, 2011
Taking personal responsibility for one’s own health is an artful dodge that suggests the government has no responsibility to provide health care to its population. It is an ideological mantra that health insurance company PR spinmeisters relentlessly front-load to the public via the stenographic mainstream media.Paul’s prescription for the millions of uninsured is to leave health care to the magic and mayhem of the market -- and if you go bankrupt, it’s your own fault. And bankrupt Americans go.

Five Women Who Matter Most

Oct 5, 2011
The Forbes list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women is an obscenely wealthy international sisterhood of politicians, celebrities and billionaires This is an alternativeForbes' World’s 100 Most Powerful Women are an obscenely wealthy sisterhood of politicians, celebrities and billionaires.