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Blair Golson was a contributing editor at Truthdig.


In Their Own Words

Feb 16, 2006
Newly released photos and videos of inhumane conditions at Abu Ghraib have again shone a spotlight on America's treatment of its prisoners Read the sworn statements by prisoners at Abu Ghraib, obtained and translated by the Washington Post in 2004 at the height of the prison abuse scandal Excerpt: "As soon as we arrived, they put sandbags over our heads and they kept beating us And every single night this military guy comes over and beat us and handcuffed us until the end of his shift".

United Farm Workers Strike Back at the L.A. Times

Feb 4, 2006
The UFW refutes allegations that it exploits the legacy of Cesar Chavez Update No 1: Read how it took three phone calls from a congressman and a former cabinet secretary before the LA Times would meet with the UFW 2: Check out an executive summary of the UFW's charges 3: Marc Cooper on the UFW's threat to sue him over a negative column he wrote 4: The L Times prints several corrections to the story.

Media Outlets Censor Tape of Kidnapped Reporter

Jan 31, 2006
Jill Caroll, 28, appears pleading and weeping in a newly released tape. | storyTruthdig says: Al Jazeera won't let us hear Carroll's voice because it would be too "upsetting" to viewers. CNN CNN's "The Situation Room" won't even show a clip. What exactly is going on here? Why not let us, the viewers, decide what's too "upsetting"? How is this any different from Bush's censorship of coffins returning home from Iraq? We've watched jetliners packed with innocents crash into our Twin Towers. We've watched Iraqi civilians bombed in real time by our own forces. Since when did we become unable to judge for ourselves what we need to see to make sense of the world around us?

Iraqi Voting Tally Deals Deathblow to Neocon Fantasies

Jan 20, 2006
The parliamentary results are confirmed: Shiites will dominate both the Sunnis and the Kurds in Iraq So while the US tries to intimidate Iran over its nukes, Iranian-bred theocratic Shiites--those most hostile to our interests--are in the ascendancy in Iraq So much for the neocons' "Field of Dreams" scenario for creating democracy in Iraq: "If you break it, they will come" | storyAlso, read Juan Cole on how Bush created a theocracy in Iraq | columnAnd read Robert Scheer on Iran's victory in Iraqcom/eartotheground/item/irans_victory_in_iraq/" title="item">itemUpdate: A former Pentagon analyst is sentenced to 12 years-plus for leaking confidential documents in an attempt to get the U to take the threat of Iran more seriously | storyUpdate No 2: Iran and Iraq are already linking arms on the construction of electricity facilities .