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Anna Badkhen

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Anna Badkhen is the author of six published books; her seventh book, "Bright Unbearable Reality," comes out in October 2022. Her essays, dispatches, and short stories appear in periodicals and literary magazines such as...


The Second Insurgency

Aug 19, 2008
Many Iraqis struggle every day to find work, but a shortage of jobs, superimposed on a tradition of using personal connections to do business, has led to what Iraqis complain is an explosion in corruption and graft among their nation's officials.

Baghdad Behind Walls

Aug 14, 2008
Walls have become ubiquitous in Baghdad, a place where barricades keep militias from one another and hungry shoppers from the nearest kebab. As Iraqis struggle with sovereignty, the barriers are a constant reminder of the American military occupation.

Trading Spaces, Iraq Edition

May 15, 2008
Sectarian violence has driven millions of Iraqis from their homes. Now that the violence has abated in one formerly upscale Baghdad neighborhood, residents are returning to find squatters who refuse to leave and a government and occupying army unwilling to kick them out.

Baghdad’s Other Power Struggle

May 11, 2008
As one U.S. soldier tells Truthdig foreign correspondent Anna Badkhen, it's not entirely a bad sign that residents of Baghdad's Saidiyah neighborhood are complaining about their meager daily power allotment: A year earlier they were concerned about just staying alive.

Business Stirs in a Walled Neighborhood

May 9, 2008
In this first installment in her series of stories from Iraq for Truthdig, veteran foreign correspondent Anna Badkhen reports about the civilian costs of war, life under occupation and the precarious state of a Baghdad burger joint.