Book Reviews

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Carol Brightman on the 1960s

Jan 4, 2008
Three new memoirs by veterans of the New Left provide nuance and complexity to a tumultuous decade whose political and cultural legacy is still contested. Bonus points to those who can answer the question: Do you still need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows?

Zachary Karabell on Mark Lilla’s ‘The Stillborn God’

Dec 21, 2007
With religious passions inflaming and complicating politics worldwide, the very project of a secular future is threatened. In "The Stillborn God," Mark Lilla reveals the roots of the age-old quest to bring political life under God's authority. He also explores how modern Western thinkers found a way to free politics from theological power and build barriers against destructive religious fanaticism.

Benjamin Barber on ‘Supercapitalism’

Dec 14, 2007
Can an overheated market remedy an underachieving democracy? Can the public interest be served by an economic engine in which corporate rivals use government to quash their competitors? These and other questions are the subject of a provocative new book by Robert Reich, labor secretary under President Clinton. Benjamin Barber, author of "Jihad vs. McWorld" and "Consumed," takes a close look at Reich's argument.