Though a Mexican official called the investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in Guerrero “very successful,” the parents of the youth, accompanied by a violence-wary populace, will not let the case close; Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is preparing to run for president; meanwhile, harrowing information about Greece’s neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn has been revealed. These discoveries and more below.

Ayotzinapa’s Uncomfortable Dead Vivos se los llevaron y vivos los queremos. “Alive, they were taken, and alive we want them back,” became the national and international public’s rallying cry for the 43 disappeared male student teachers attacked by municipal police and then handed over to the Guerreros Unidos drug gang on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico.

Bernie Sanders Sets Sights on the White House Vermont’s independent senator, a socialist, prepares for 2016 run.

Are Urban Experiential Displays Actually Going to Happen? City Council will hear some new legislation today that would allow for the installation of three Urban Experiential Displays within Center City.

Meet the Canadian Hero Who Opened a Rogue Trader Joe’s in Vancouver Canada is a vast, wondrous country with many interesting and beautiful things.

Digital Driving License to Teach? If you want to teach in the Saint Mary’s College of California business school in a few years, you’d better get your license.

Health Benefits Fight at Harvard Lots of colleges and universities have recently made changes to employee health care benefits, and some have encountered strong opposition from the faculty — most notoriously at Pennsylvania State University, which tried to fine employees for not completing annual screenings with personal questions about mental health and family planning.

Dear FCC: Net Neutrality Is Part of a Social Contract With his ringing endorsement for strong net neutrality protections, President Obama has joined a public groundswell for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reclassify the Internet as a utility.

Crowdfunder Indiegogo Hosts Campaign to Destroy al-Aqsa Mosque What do a “fashion label” which celebrates the Israeli army with sexist images of scantily clad female soldiers and inflammatory plans to build a “Third Jewish Temple” on the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem have in common?

Abraham Lincoln and the Road to Serfdom It is a glaring omission in his otherwise remarkable discussion of the relationship between Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln, An Unfinished Revolution, that Robin Blackburn neither discusses nor does he include the text of Lincoln’s First Annual Message to Congress(the equivalent of what we refer to today as the president’s State of the Union), of 3 December 1861.

Australian Prime Minister Commits Stunning Indigenous-People Gaffe Conservative Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not unaware of his country’s fraught relationship with its original population; he promised before his 2013 election that he would prioritize issues related to the indigenous Australian people, saying that he’d be a so-called “prime minister for Aboriginal affairs.”

Why ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ Breaks Down Inside Cities Inspired by Milgram’s famous experiment, an analysis of Twitter networks and geography reveals how personal connections get lost at the city level.

Knesset Approves Bill to Close Newspaper Owned by Sheldon Adelson Israeli lawmakers approved in a preliminary vote a bill that would shut down a free Israeli newspaper owned by American billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

Communication Studies Rise to Relevance At a college near you, at this very moment, a student is switching their major to Communication Studies.

Greece’s Neo-Nazis Were Scarier Than Anyone Imagined Prosecutors in the trials to disband Golden Dawn claim the group slaughtered sheep to practice knife techniques, carried around bazookas, and was training to “break into parliament with tanks.”

A Withering Critique of Obama’s National Security Council A preeminent expert on the making of American foreign and national-security policy grades the administration.

Why Cats Are Wilder Than Dogs Dogs are far more domesticated than cats—and that makes them less desirable to humans.

Hungarian Government’s Attempts to Rewrite the Country’s Past This summer, a new monument appeared in Budapest’s Liberty Square.

Extreme Wealth Is Bad for Everyone—Especially the Wealthy When I was fourteen I met a man with a talent for restoring a sense of fairness to a society with vast and growing inequalities in wealth.

TPP Trade Talks Must Stop The ITUC has called on governments to stop negotiations on the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” agreement, criticizing the secrecy and corporate bias in the current negotiations.

Congress Relies on the ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’ All the Time MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, an architect of the Affordable Care Act, has found himself at the center of an Obamacare controversy—again—after the Daily Caller unearthed comments he made at a 2013 academic conference about the legislative history of Obamacare.

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