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Why Hillary Clinton's Brand of Zionism Should Keep Her From Winning the Election

Hillary Clinton’s “scary credentials” with regards to the Middle East may make it “impossible” for many to vote for her in the upcoming presidential election; the McMansion is back and bigger than ever; meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders gives his take on why the Greek crisis should matter to Americans. These discoveries and more below.

Red Lines Versus the Lesser of Two Evils
Hillary Clinton’s brand of craven Zionism makes voting for her impossible in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

How the Daycare Child Abuse Hysteria of the 1980s Became a Witch Hunt
TV news was no friend to those of us who had small children in the 1980s.

The Recovery Is Super-Sizing Houses
Square footage is growing faster now than it did during the housing boom, but the culture of the McMansion may be changing.

Unspeakable Drug Names
Capecitabine (C15H22FN3O6) is an oncologically important chemotherapeutic prodrug.

Let’s Abolish Olympic Host Cities
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has selected the city of Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

New Way to Hinder Social Science Grants
Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Tex., may be among the least popular members of Congress with social scientists.

Obama Wants You to Think His Climate Plan Is Bold. It’s Not.
On Monday, President Obama will unveil the final version of the centerpiece of his climate legacy, the Clean Power Plan.

Bernie Sanders Explains Why You Should Care About What’s Happening to Greece
He really does sound like a socialist, doesn’t he?

The Water in Rio Is Full of Sludge and Rotting Fish—And Olympians Are Supposed to Swim in It
Athletes who participate in water sports will carry an infection risk of 99 percent.

The Worst Lies Israel Told Itself This Week
From a Haaretz journalist’s veneration of Benjamin Netanyahu’s refined tastes to Yair Lapid’s donning a prayer shawl, these were the highlights of this week’s masquerade ball.

No Good Deed…
Remember Gravity Payments, the company whose founder and CEO decided to increase the salaries of his employees and slash his own pay?

Anti-Torture Reforms Opposed Within Psychology Group After Damning Report
Tempers rise within the American Psychological Association, which an independent review recently found was complicit in brutal military and CIA interrogation.

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