Who Will Rule After Bush's 'Victory'?

Robert Scheer
Editor in Chief
Robert Scheer, editor in chief of Truthdig, has built a reputation for strong social and political writing over his 30 years as a journalist. His columns appear in newspapers across the country, and his…
Robert Scheer

The big winners in Iraq will be Iran’s ayatollahs, sponsors of their fellow Shiite theocrats who are the main U.S. surrogates on the ground in Iraq. To make sure, they’ve arranged a double whammy: While Bush is dependent upon the Iranian-born and -trained Ayatollah Sistani to produce face-saving stability (see Juan Cole’s “How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq”), Shiite insurgents armed by Iran are training to hasten the departure of coalition troops.

Also . . .

The “axis of evil” country whose popularly elected president recently called for the elimination of Israel is increasingly calling the shots in Iraq. Thankful that the U.S. got rid of their archenemy Saddam Hussein and replaced him with a government controlled by Shiite militants trained for decades in Iran, the ayatollahs are now demanding that the U.S. get out. See the BBC report.


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