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What Do Llamas Have to Do With AIDS?

The furry South American creatures may hold the cure to AIDS; Flickr gave up on its plan to sell prints of Creative Commons photos after much criticism; meanwhile, Dick Cheney admits he has no problem with innocent people being tortured. These discoveries and more below.

Llamas May Hold the Key to Combating AIDS
Researchers have struggled over the years to find a cure for AIDS, and while an effective HIV vaccine has eluded them thus far they are still making progress.

Sony Made It Easy, but Any of Us Could Get Hacked
A focused, skillful cyber attacker will always get in, warns a security expert.

North Korea’s Internet Appears to Be Under Mass Cyber Attack
Internet connectivity between North Korea and the outside world, though never robust to begin with, is currently suffering one of its worst outages in recent memory, suggesting that the country may be enduring a mass cyber attack a few days after President Obama warned the US would launch a “proportional response” to North Korea’s hack against Sony.

Here’s the Real Reason North Korea Hacked Sony. It Has Nothing to Do with The Interview.
Evidence that North Korea was responsible for the massive Sony hack is mounting, and in many ways the country has already been convicted in the court of US public opinion.

Tipping Perpetuates Racism, Classism, and Poverty — Let’s Get Rid of It!
That’s tipping in a nutshell, according to Mark Ventura, a former waiter and an economics major at Miami University.

Jeff Koons Sued by French Ad Guy for Plagiarism
At what point does artistic appropriation become copyright infringement? A Jeff Koons sculpture has reopened the 50-year-old debate.

After Outcry, Flickr Stops Selling Prints of Creative Commons Photos
In response to photographers’ criticisms, Flickr has stopped selling photos uploaded by users under the Creative Commons “commercial attribution” license through its Flickr Wall Art site.

Can Japan Recapture Its Solar Power?
The way the Land of the Rising Sun built and lost its dominance in photovoltaics shows just how vulnerable renewables remain to changing politics and national policies.

10 days in the Islamic State
Inside Isis: The first Western journalist ever given access to the ‘Islamic State’ has just returned – and this is what he discovered.

Is String Theory About to Unravel?
Evidence that the universe is made of strings has been elusive for 30 years, but the theory’s mathematical insights continue to have an alluring pull.

Dick Cheney: ‘I Have No Problem’ Using Torture Program Against Innocent Persons
The former vice president of the United States and one of the architects of the American torture program recently explained why he was unconcerned about the torture of innocent prisoners.

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