This week, our collection of Truthdig-flavored videos includes a clever political satire of lonelygirl15; a gripping documentary on Saddam Hussein’s American backers; and everyday U.S. citizens exposed at their most clueless.

No. 1. LonelyDem Sends Up Lonelygirl

Check out the video that’s burning up the progressive blogosphere: It’s a clever satire from the folks who brought you the hilarious Rush Limbaugh – Michael J. Fox spoof.

Watch it:

No. 2. Saddam’s American Allies

Former “60 Minutes” producer and author Barry Lando connects the dots between Saddam Hussein and his American backers in this powerful documentary.

(h/t: BarryLando)

Saddam Hussein: The Trial the World Will Never See, Part 1Saddam Hussein: The Trial the World Will Never See, Part 2

For more by Barry Lando, click here.

No. 3. Barack Obama: Why I Want to Be President

Democratic Illinois Sen. (and relative political newcomer) Barack Obama on Tuesday announced the formation of a presidential exploratory committee. In this video, he explains his motivations.

  • Money quote: “I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in this position a year ago.”
  • N.Y. Times coverage
  • Watch it:

    No. 4. Bush: Iraqis “Owe Us Gratitude”

    In a “60 Minutes” interview, the president dismissed the suggestion that America owes Iraq an apology for not securing the country after the invasion, saying instead that Iraqis owe America “a huge debt of gratitude” for our efforts.

    Bush on

  • Full streamed interview and transcript

  • No. 5. Are Americans Ignorant?

    This Aussie TV spot reminds us that not only do the finer points of public policy debates go over some people’s heads, but many Americans don’t even know the major religion of Israel; nor, for that matter, do they know how many sides a triangle has.

    Oy vey.

    Watch it:

    No. 6. Susan McDougal: The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk

    When Susan McDougal refused to implicate the Clintons in the Whitewater fiasco, she was thrown in prison, left alone with murderers and her own stubborn dignity. Savaged by Republicans and abandoned by Democrats, she would emerge from that dark chapter of American history a hero.

    Part One: The Whitewater Scandal

    (Download Part One – QT)

    Part Two: “Why Didn’t You Go Along With It?”

    (Download Part Two – QT)

    Part Three: Jail

    (Download Part Three – QT)

    Part Four: Real Faith

    (Download Part Four – QT)Part Five: Epilogue

    (Download Part Five – QT)Videography by Todd Wilkinson / Videography and Editing by George Edelman

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