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We Need to Stop Treating Michael Hayden as an Arbiter of Truth

    Michael Hayden. (Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Making the George W. Bush-era NSA chief and CIA director the go-to expert on the subject of Trump and his relationship to intelligence agencies is misguided; Harvard students are developing an anti-Trump “Resistance School”; meanwhile, more reasons why octopuses are “aliens living on earth” are found. These discoveries and more below.

Stop Treating Former CIA Chief Michael Hayden as an Arbiter of Truth
On the subject of Donald Trump and his relationship with intelligence agencies, there’s one commentator you are bound to see quoted more than anyone else: Michael Hayden, the former NSA chief and CIA director under George W. Bush.

‘Pinkwashing’ Populism: Gay Voters Embrace French Far-Right
A political party that would abolish same-sex marriage – one whose founder wanted AIDS patients rounded up and branded homosexuality “a biological and social anomaly” – is now winning LGBT votes in France.

Measuring the Social Impact of Internet Images
An ambitious exhibition at the International Center of Photography examines the relationship between new media and the offline world.

How One Campus’s ‘Faculty Resistance’ Is Speaking Out Against Trump
President Trump’s election shocked many people in higher education, and his policies have provoked widespread anger among academics.

Harvard Students Build ‘Resistance School’ to Harness Anti-Trump Sentiment
Students of a Harvard class on resistance have likened their efforts to Dumbledore’s Army, a student-led movement organized to battle the villain Lord Voldemort in the fictional Harry Potter series.

Science Reveals Yet Another Reason Octopuses and Squid Are So Weird
Octopuses are aliens living on Earth.

Teach-Ins Helped Galvanize Student Activism in the 1960s. They Can Do So Again Today.
Then as now, the origin of a national political movement was in the initially obscure actions of ordinary individuals.

Intersex Rights
Children born with in-between sex development are subject to surgeries that many believe violate their human rights.

Is Matter Conscious?
Why the central problem in neuroscience is mirrored in physics.

The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World’s Face
For years, the conservative movement peddled one set of talking points to the rabble, while its elites consumed a more grounded and reality-based media.

The Nation’s Worst Anti-Gay Bill Goes on Trial
A federal court scrutinizes Mississippi’s HB 1523, which protects the “religious freedom” of people discriminating against the LGBTQ community.

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