I’ll meet his face with a sack of money. I’ll take his daughter and sell her back to him – if necessary … I hope that the Communists blow you people up. That’s where I’m at.”

– Charles Mingus, on the landlord evicting him from his loft at 5 Great Jones in Manhattan

This episode of Dig•Scape covers the (un)housing crisis as a global phenomenon, foregrounding the tragic link between vulture capital and the human suffering of ordinary people who find themselves unable to afford housing. This touches my own life in that this precarity has been an anxiety of mine having moved over 40 times in my life.

DIG•SCAPE is an audio alternative-phenomenological-impressionistic, multicultural soundscape mashup of loud issues, intuition+research and multisampled insights investigating our current wackadoodle malaise from an askew, engaged and anomalous vantage point.

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The (un)housing crisis is a global phenomenon. Every city & state seems to be facing this crisis but mostly through a tinkering, evasive manner, avoiding hard course changes & applying bandages because the world’s governments have invested heavily in corporations that spin the fables of neoliberalism where the market [in its “natural” state] will determine our human fate. Alas, profit-seeking does not serve us well – it does not supply decent affordable healthcare, housing, roads, education & yet all the media attention tends to avoid any possible inconvenient truths about the true precarity of the average person who has been deceived into buying into their own evictions & misery. The in-your-face, visceral & tragic narratives of those on the short-end of the vulture capital market tell cautionary, inconvenient tales of on-the-edge, hand-to-mouth existence. Also included are some potential inconvenient (for the money classes) rectifications.


Ain’t Got No Home • Clarence “”Frogman” Henry

Housing • Some More Crime

Food, Clothes & Shelter • Gary Clail & the On-U Sound System

Homeless / Broken Home • Burial 

Arcosanti, Futuristic Utopian City • Paolo Soleri

Eviction Scene • Melvin Van Peebles

Your Mortgage Makes You Act Right • Chris Rock

A Thanksgiving Prayer • William S. Burroughs

Don’t Sell Your Dreams • The Pop Group

He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven • W.B. Yeats

Housing Project • John Hartford

Jamaica Avenue (Wreck Ambiendub Mix) • Arklight vs Wreck

A House is Not a Home • Shirley Bassey

Home Away From Home • Arthur Russell

Eviction and Arrest • Charles Mingus

Housing • Some More Crime

Old Man Trump • Delila of The Last Internationale

The Ballad of Old Man Trump • New Ash Grove Players

Singing about Fred Trump • Woody Guthrie

City Of Hidden Devices • Smooth

Bad Housing Blues • Josh White

The Big Issue • Chumbawamba

Housing • Some More Crime

The House Song • Lee Hazlewood

To Build A Home • The Cinematic Orchestra + Patrick Watson

Jamaica Avenue Extended (Wreck Ambiendub Mix) • Arklight vs Wreck

The Other Lobby • Atrium Carceri

Land Bread Housing • Dead Prez

The Homeless and& Being Homeless • KRS-One


Arcosanti: Paolo Soleri on his futuristic utopian city in the desert / Talks About Being Homeless • KRS-One, America’s Broken Dream The Middle Class Families Living in Motels / Homeless man lost the house he lived in for 27 years / What happens when you lose your home at 72, Your Mortgage Makes You Act Right Chris Rock / Buffalo’s eviction numbers are through the roof / Charles Mingus Eviction and Arrest / Elderly couple facing eviction due to rent increase / First-time home buyers struggling to find starter homes / Greedy Landlord Records Himself DOUBLING Tenants Rent / Housing costs pushing more people out of San Diego County / Housing prices soar in United States Rush Hour / How Socialists Solved The Housing Crisis / Renters struggle to find affordable housing / The Housing Crisis is a Grotesque Distortion of Capitalism / Tucson Trailer park living for Americas poor / Why It’s So Expensive To Live In The US / Why rents are dramatically increasing across the United States / Why Rent In London Is Out Of Control Right Now / The Number Of Americans Living In Their Vehicles Explodes / Rent Rage You need to earn how much to live in Toronto / Why Is Housing So Expensive SOME MORE NEWS / Rent Party Jazz read by Viola Davis / Richard Wolff on the Growth of Wages Vs Housing Education and Health / Why Rent In NYC Is Out Of Control Right Now / Renters In America Are Running Out Of Options / South Florida Housing Crisis Your South Florida / COP26 Demo Truro / How Miami became the center of America’s housing crisis / Thousands of protestors in Amsterdam march against the housing crisis / The Rise of Suburban Areas during 1950s / But I being poor have only my dreams yeats / Audio of Woody Guthrie singing about Fred Trump / Centrepoint: Help young people dare to dream again / Eviction floodgate has opened in NYC adding to housing crisis

Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Some More Crime / Gary Clail, Burial / Paolo Soleri / Melvin Van Peebles / Chris Rock / William S Burroughs / The Pop Group / John Hartford / Arklight / Shirley Bassey / Arthur Russell / Charles Mingus / Delila of The Last Internationale/ New Ash Grove Players / Woody Guthrie / Smooth / Josh White / Chumbawamba / Lee Hazlewood / The Cinematic Orchestra / Atrium Carceri / Dead Prez / KRS-One

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