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Truthdig's Top 10 Cartoons of 2018

Mr. Fish / Truthdig

From a zero-tolerance immigration policy to “zero collusion” claims, 2018 teemed with the Trump administration’s never-ending turmoil and near daily scandals. With such a chaotic administration, it takes the satirical stylings of Mr. Fish, Mark Fiore, Mike Luckovich and Jeff Danziger to help make sense of it all. Take a look at 2018’s top 10 cartoons—and be prepared to smile through the pain until 2020.

10. The Customer Is Always Right by Mr.Fish

9. Gina Haspel by Jeff Danziger

8. And This Little Piggy Went to Market by Mr. Fish

7. When I Grow Up by Mike Luckovich

6. Statue of… by Mike Luckovich


5. Blue Wave by Jeff Danziger

4. Power Drain by Mr. Fish

3. Justice Is Blind Drunk by Mark Fiore

2. The Buck Stops Here by Mr. Fish

1. The Really Dangerous Caravan by Mark Fiore


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