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Truthdiggers of the Week: The Military Refusers


Yahoo!’s Kevin Sites interviews Watada.

We tip our hat this week to Army Lt. Ehren Watada and the dozens of uniformed military men and women like him who have refused to serve in Iraq.

You can see a list of many of those who have refused to deploy to Iraq here.

Watada’s case is of particular importance, however: Not only was he the first uniformed officer to resist his deployment, but his legal struggle is shaping up as an indictment of the war itself. His lawyers argued before a military judge this week that they should be allowed to present evidence that the war is illegal — because it violates U.N. guidelines. Read about this landmark legal fight here.

Read about the larger trend of Iraq combat vets refusing redeployment to Iraq here.

Read about a conscientious objector who this week won a peace award for the principled stand he took after serving in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Read an impassioned letter by the wife of a 10-year Army veteran who filed a conscientious objector award after serving a combat tour in Iraq.

Correction: This article incorrectly characterized Army Lt. Ehren Watada as a “conscientious objector.” Watada has stated publicly that he would serve in Afghanistan, but refuses to serve in the Iraq war which he believes is illegal.

In this article:

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