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You may have caught sight of Christine Yvette Lewis setting Stephen Colbert straight with lines such as “Woman’s work is real work and it should be compensated.” Lewis is a working nanny and member of Domestic Workers United, a group that organizes the “invisible work force” of in-home cleaners and caregivers.

This week we recognize Lewis for, as reader Daniel Bellefleur, who nominated her, put it, “bravely providing a voice to the isolated minority group of household workers, and for being the voice of the movement to organize them and protect their human rights, even as she pursues a career as a household worker.”

We also celebrate Domestic Workers United, which helped pass a law in New York giving historic protection to domestic workers.

For more on DWU and Lewis, watch and listen to the clips below and visit the group’s website.


Honorable MentionsJulian Assange:

Reader Edmond wrote: “I thought his ’60 Minutes’ interview [embedded below] was done with such eloquence and poise. He and his message rang loudly and struck a victory for truth and justice in the world.”

The Creech 14: Although they were found guilty, the 14 who sought to disrupt the military’s use of drone assassination planes were let go with time served and a message to “go in peace” from the judge. Reader Edward Juillard wrote: “They showed through their act of civil disobedience that the conscience of the American people is alive and well.”


Christine Yvette Lewis on the Colbert Report:NPR on the domestic worker protection law:Julian Assange on “60 Minutes”:


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