Los Angeles Press Club

We’re delighted to announce that Truthdig is a finalist for no fewer than 14 Southern California Journalism Awards. The nominations, which include best website (exclusive to the Internet), recognize the quality and diversity of our site’s content and cover three categories: online, radio and journalist of the year.

Now in their 57th year, the awards are given by the Los Angeles Press Club in Truthdig’s hometown of L.A. The nonprofit press club is the only Southern California organization that speaks for journalists in all media — newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet.

“We are so pleased with this recognition by our peers,” said Publisher Zuade Kaufman. “Receiving 14 nominations — including our fourth as best website — is a real tribute to the high journalistic standards Truthdig strives for every day. We are very proud of this fine work by all our colleagues.”

“We’re proud that we’ve expanded our platform and are nominated for three radio news awards for the Truthdig radio programs that Joshua Scheer has produced in cooperation with KPFK,” added Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer.

Congratulations to our writers, editors and other staff members for their fine work, and thanks to the press club for the honor. Truthdig’s nominations and the associated categories are listed below. The results will be announced June 28.


Website, News Organization, Exclusive to the Internet

* Zuade Kaufman and Robert Scheer, Truthdig, “Truthdig.com”

Political Column / Commentary

* Bill Blum, Truthdig, “Recess Is Over: What the Supreme Court Has In Store for Us Now” * Chris Hedges, Truthdig, “Alcatraz: A Prison As Disneyland

Entertainment Commentary / Reviews

* Kasia Anderson, Truthdig, “The United States of Amnesia: Gore Vidal in Winter


* Natasha Hakimi Zapata, Peter Z. Scheer, Alexander Reed Kelly, Kasia Anderson and Donald Kaufman, Truthdig, “Ear to the Ground”


Online Journalist

* Robert Scheer, Truthdig * Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig

Activism Journalism

* Bill Boyarsky, Truthdig, “We Have to Change the Way We Report on Rape” * Chris Hedges, Truthdig, “How the Brutalized Become Brutal” * Chris Hedges, Truthdig, “The Last Days of Tomas Young

Political / Government Reporting

* Bill Blum, Truthdig, “No Justice for Michael Brown



* Peter Scheer, Truthdig Radio

News or Feature Short Form

* Truthdig Radio, Truthdig, “Edward Snowden’s Lawyer Takes on John Kerry” * Truthdig Radio, Truthdig, “Former CIA Interrogator Glenn Carle: Torture Is Unamerican


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