Troops Used as Props at GOP Functions



Josh Marshall informs us that the White House now has a plan to use, and is already using, active-duty US servicemen for partisan political purposes – which is kind of a big deal in a democracy where the military doesn’t run the country, and where the war in Iraq and the war on terror are supposedly not political stunts. You can find Josh’s accounts here and here.

Well, conservative Republican House member Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado (the lead force behind amending the US Constitution to take away the rights of gay Americans), actively facilitated the use of our servicemembers, IN UNIFORM, at a partisan Republican political function.

Musgrave’s use of uniformed military service personnel at partisan political events which is a direct violation of US military rules. Not to mention, you’d think our uniformed service members have better things to do (oh, I don’t know, how about win in Iraq?) than appear as props at Republican political events. Then again, Musgrave has already had her share of ethics violations, and has been ranked as one of the 13 most corrupt members of Congress. So it’s perhaps no surprise she’s breaking the rules again.

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Or go here and here to see how Josh Marshall broke the news.

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