Greatest Moments:

A day before the election, Think Progress picked its top 10 greatest moments of the 2012 campaign. Topping the list is Rick Perry’s infamous “Oops!” debate gaffe that effectively ended the Texas governor’s presidential campaign. Also making the list: Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” debate comment; Clint Eastwood’s Republican National Convention speech featuring “Invisible Obama”; Rick Santorum’s bizarre gay marriage comparisons; and Newt Gingrich discussing his mythical moon colony. (Read more)

A Sure Bet: An Irish bookmaker is so certain that President Obama is going to win Tuesday that it’s paying out $800,000 to gamblers who picked Obama over Mitt Romney a day before the election. The betting company, Paddy Power, made the announcement in ads it placed in Monday’s Irish Times and The Times of London. (Read more)

Laughing All the Way: David Axelrod, President Obama’s top campaign strategist, mocked Dick Morris for predicting that Mitt Romney would win the election in a landslide. Axelrod also denied that he worked for Morris, a onetime Democrat-turned-conservative who played a key role in President Bill Clinton’s 1996 campaign. Axelrod told BuzzFeed: “He’s delusional. He called and asked my advice on Chicago before the [1996] Convention. I never ‘worked for him.’ ” He also took a dig at Morris for a prostitute scandal involving the Fox News contributor. Said Axelrod: “I’ve had a foot in my mouth plenty of times, but it’s always been my own!” (Read more)

Dark-Money Donors Unmasked: A California watchdog group discovered that two other “dark money” groups are behind an $11 million donation from an Arizona political group that went to sway votes on two of the Golden State’s ballot initiatives. The money was donated by Americans for Responsible Leadership, a 501(4)c nonprofit based in Phoenix. However, California’s Fair Political Practices Commission says the money came from the Center to Protect Patients’ Rights, which originally received it from Americans for Job Security. It’s essentially “dark money” going through more “dark money.” (Read more)

Palin’s Endorsement: In case you’re an undecided voter who has been waiting for former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to make her endorsement before making your decision, the wait is over. Palin endorsed Mitt Romney in a Facebook post Sunday night, which is just a step up from the backing George Bush offered as he was getting into an elevator. (Read more)

Video of the Day: Mr. Burns, that evil and conniving villain from “The Simpsons,” has something in common with Sarah Palin: He also endorsed Mitt Romney recently.


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