CHRISTMAS 2018: For many Americans, this season honors Christ’s birth and acknowledges the origin of essential teachings about love and tolerance, the wisdom of which contributed to civilizing the human race over millennia. We are a species prone to warfare and barbarism when traditions of peace and love are ignored, typically in the service of greed. Parts of the world are now trending toward tribalism and regressive prejudice is ascendant. US leadership has faltered again, with a bind eye now turned daily to startling indications of incompetence. Our Political/Electoral system that brought Trump to power has long been the root cause of our worst societal problems. Unprofessional behavior devoid of integrity is increasingly considered acceptable to our politicians and hubris abounds in Washington D.C.. Party over country political arrogance is now so deeply entrenched in right wing political circles, that billionaire libertarians can freely promote the most antidemocratic of policies with no push back by our corporate media. Their dog eat dog propaganda makes a mockery of Christ’s themes of spirituality- kindness to the sick and disadvantaged, opportunity for all to live with dignity. Efforts to craft enlightened governance in response to the horrors of WWI and WWII are ridiculed and portrayed as “nanny state” excess. Mean spirited selfishness is portrayed as the true nature of mankind. Even as our planet is shown clearly to be under siege and failing, Libertarians preach more of the same- Laissez Faire exploitation and reckless “free market capitalism” (in truth, free only to members of an elitist club). The significant benefits brought to mankind via capitalism are now overshadowed by unsustainable consumption of fossil fuels and other essential resources. Untenably wide gaps between the ultra wealthy and the rest of mankind now threaten successful commerce. Though we need the guidance of Christ’s teaching more than ever before, the peaceful season marking his birthday celebration has been transformed into a retail feeding frenzy. Contemporary “money changers” are reminiscent of those that Christ drove from the temple centuries ago.
I have long suggested that America’s option to become a model for the rest of mankind, to inspire hope and optimism to nations brought down by corruption, depends upon more sophisticated education of our electorate. With far better insights into the history and the details of our current governance, we could revive our potential to be the well spring of democratic ideals. I have personally sought the help of unique Americans, who’ve long shown an interest in noble uses for their immense wealth. To date, I have had no success with urging Warren Buffett or Bill Gates to help me jumpstart ” Information Activism” and the creation of an “Institute Of The American Citizen”[initially online and possibly as a physical presence later] With the money they spend on mere incidentals, these two fortunate men alone could provide America with an invaluable archive of the most scholarly, evidence based research and insights into how our society functions and malfunctions. With deeper understanding of corruption in government, available daily online to every voter, representative democracy could be reinvented. Instead of “he said/she said” gossip, innuendo, punditry (and attendant confusion about the backroom dealings of power brokers), voters could have access to peer reviewed facts and genuine evidence from revered sources, to base their judgement about issues and candidates.
The prognosis for our society and for the world at large, as this Christmas of 2018 approaches, has never been in greater doubt. The threats are unprecedented. I urge anyone who wants America to prosper and harmony on earth to replace warfare and disruption, to write a letter to Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, asking them to spearhead the immediate development of a new website that houses “The Institute Of The American Citizen”. Tell these capable philanthropists to facilitate the birth of “Information Activism”. Write THE INFORMATION ACTIVISM MOVEMENT prominently on your envelope or email and send them to both of their respective offices in Omaha and Seattle.
Expanded Knowledge in the hands of voters can empower American citizens to demand progress from our adversarial leadership culture. We cannot trust our political system and our embattled institutions to reorganize and reform themselves. Main Street America suffers unnecessarily from poor leadership. Our political system must be reformed. Reasonable, hard working voters can unite and change that through the power of unbiased understanding- about the corruption of our democratic ideals by a decadent Washington D.C. Main Street values and the ideals of Jesus Christ can be brought to center stage in America, starting now. Use this Christmas season 2018 to write your letter and express your appropriate expectations for a nation made better through professionalism in government.
I urge you to pass this Face Book Post on to everyone you know and to encourage them to communicate with Buffett and Gates. These two valued American citizens, utilizing a small fraction of their tremendous resources to grow “Information Activism”, can put American society back on track- through the power of knowledge.
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