Bernie Sanders’ fundraising techniques made him stand out in the primaries, but there was something very conventional about his campaign; the Democratic Party may be beyond saving by progressives at this point; meanwhile, is AIPAC’s influence in D.C. fading? These discoveries and more below.

Bernie’s Fundraising Was Revolutionary. How He Spent His Money Was Not What did $220 million buy? Ads, consultants and a dispiritingly conventional campaign.

A Medical Mystery of the Best Kind: Major Diseases Are in Decline Something strange is going on in medicine. Major diseases, like colon cancer, dementia and heart disease, are waning in wealthy countries, and improved diagnosis and treatment cannot fully explain it.

After Dallas, the Future of Black Lives Matter The least disputable measure of a bad week is any seven-day period that requires a body count at the end of it.

What to Say When the Police Tell You to Stop Filming Them First of all, they shouldn’t ask.

The End of AIPAC’s Israel Monopoly What happened to the most powerful lobby in recent U.S. foreign-policy history?

Could a Volcano Be Waking Up on the Outskirts of Rome? Italy has some of the most potentially hazardous volcanoes on earth.

Gun Deaths in America: Interactive graphic FiveThirtyEight has an excellent graphic making it easy to break down gun deaths in the U.S. by cause, and by the age/race/gender of the victim.

After the Endorsement Now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed the not-Trump Democratic candidate, it’s time to sort through the debris of Sanders’ own campaign.

Neuroscientists Still Don’t Know Why Music Sounds Good Your taste in music is weird.

Hillary Clinton’s Scandal Mistake If Hillary Clinton wins, she will have spent a longer time under criminal investigation than any president in history.

Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren’t Third Parties Doing Better? Only 43 percent of Democrats and Democrat-leaners and 40 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaners are “very” or “fairly satisfied” with this year’s presidential candidates. That’s low, but not unprecedented; in 1992, voters were slightly more displeased.

Can Europe Stop Washington’s Military Provocations on Russia’s Borders? The extremism at NATO’s Warsaw summit revealed doves in opposition to the new Cold War hawks, but not in the United States.

Abandon All Hope for the Democratic Party For decades, people have tried to fix the Democratic Party.

Inequality in the U.S. A chart showing the dramatic changes in the average incomes (excluding capital gains) of the top 1 percent compared to those of the bottom 90 percent, expressed as a ratio, from 1920 to 2015—from the World Wealth and Income Database.

Police Are Safer Under Obama Than They Have Been in Decades In the aftermath of the mass shooting of a dozen police officers in Dallas this week, some conservatives rushed to lay blame for the incident at the feet of the Obama administration.

Do Academics Make Better Journalists Than Journalists? “This used to be the janitor’s residence,” says Stephen Khan, editor of the Conversation, by way of explanation for the fact that you walk through the front door of this unusual online news organization and find yourself in a kitchen.

Higher Education for the Working-Class The existence of public colleges and universities is the way the American working class has traditionally been able to achieve a higher education and broaden their individual and social worlds.

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