Stewart Mocks RNC Chair's 'Adapt and Win' Makeover

Watch Jon Stewart tear down Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman?s attempt to sell America on the outright lie that GOP?ers aren?t for ?staying the course? in Iraq ? rather, they?re out to ?adapt and win.?
Stewart: Yeah, what a–hole said “stay the course”?
[As videos of Bush saying just that fill the screen]

  • More details:
  • Talking point aficionado and RNC Chair Ken Mehlman recently appeared on ?Meet the Press? to test drive the administration?s latest reversal: ?The choice in this election is not between ?Stay the course? and ?Cut and run,? it?s between ?Win by adapting? and ?Cut and run.??

    Which led Stewart to observe, ?See that?s the beauty of propaganda?it has no internal logic or integrity to violate. So, in one moment, basically everything you?ve heard about the United States? and the administration?s strategy in Iraq for the last two years is wrong.?

    Watch it:

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