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‘SNL’ Spoofs VP Debate, Fox News Questions Biden, and More

Anyone’s Game:

The presidential contest remains tight, according to the latest poll released on the eve of the second debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The ABC News/Washington Post survey shows the president with a slight lead over Romney among likely voters, 49 to 46 percent. (Read more)

Possible Spoiler: Republicans are concerned that Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson could be to the 2012 election what Ralph Nader was to the 2000 one. The former New Mexico governor, who began his run in the Republican primary, is on the ballot in nearly every state. Republicans have begun efforts to impede Johnson’s candidacy and ensure he doesn’t siphon away votes from Mitt Romney. (Read more)

On the Offensive: After a lackluster performance in the first debate, the president will be more aggressive when the two candidates meet again Tuesday night, advisers to Barack Obama say. Among the campaign attacks he could use against Romney that he did not during the first debate: the “47 percent” comment, Bain Capital and the GOP nominee’s tax returns. (Read more)

Spin Doctor: Fox News’ resident psychiatrist has his own explanation for Joe Biden’s performance in the vice presidential debate. In discussing the event on the cable news channel over the weekend, Dr. Keith Ablow said that, in his “expert” opinion, Biden might have dementia. “If someone said to me, we want you to do what’s really required to know what happened there, you have to put dementia on the differential diagnosis,” Ablow said. Or, Ablow continued, maybe Biden was drunk. So there you have it. One Fox News “expert” claims Biden either has a serious medical condition or he had one too many before hitting the stage Thursday. There really is no end to the madness on Fox News. (Read more)

Stifle the Vote: Evidently, the hundreds of millions of dollars the billionaire Koch brothers have shelled out to support conservative candidates and causes isn’t enough. The two have reportedly also sent out pro-Romney voter information packets to 45,000 of their employees in an effort to influence their choice. The packets include a list of Koch-endorsed candidates, and anti-Obama and pro-Romney editorials written by the Kochs. (Read more)

Family Values: Wisconsin Republican Senate nominee Tommy Thompson is in damage control mode after his son told a crowd at a fundraiser over the weekend that “we have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Chicago — or Kenya.” Thompson apologized for his son’s birther remark after video of it was posted online. (Read more)

Video of the Day: The only thing more entertaining than last week’s vice presidential debate is “Saturday Night Live’s” parody of it. Watch for the hilarious cameo by Olympic 100-meter champion Usain Bolt toward the end.

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