Red Sox's Schilling Pitches for Kennedy's Seat

Curt Schilling helped power the Boston Red Sox to two World Series victories and George W. Bush to a second term in office (thanks, Curt). Schilling’s next project? Provided he can juggle his video game studio (what, you don’t have one of those?) and his family, the former ace has “some interest in the possibility” of replacing Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. God help us.

Nothing against Schilling personally, or athletes who aspire to hold public office, but this is a man who has been described as the “Ron Burgundy of baseball.” As in “Anchorman’s” Ron Burgundy, the Will Ferrell buffoon.

He is also a complete nerd. That’s no mark against him, just an opportunity to relate this Schilling quote about the game Everquest: “My first foray into Lower Guk was a lot of fun. … Completing the Robe of the Lost Circle quest was a blast. … One night I log in, and there’s a 55 level monk there.”

That could be your next senator, Massachusetts — if you play your cards right. — PS

Read more: AP story / Schilling’s blog / the Ron Burgundy of Baseball

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