Ralph Nader on Election 2016: ‘Our Country Deserves Better’

In an interview on “America With Jorge Ramos,” Ralph Nader, the legendary activist, attorney and author, doesn’t hold back on his criticisms of the 2016 presidential candidates. Having to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton creates “a very unstable situation,” Nader says. “Our country deserves better.”

Nader, well known for his own past presidential bids, also discusses the possibility of a viable three-party or even four-party election in the United States. “The era of mass movements is not yet upon us,” he says, but he expresses hope for multiparty elections by 2020 or 2024.

And, of course, Ramos asks him how he will be voting. “I always believe in voting your conscience,” Nader responds. “Not tactical votes, not ‘least worst’ votes.” This leads him to talk about Bernie Sanders’ recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, calling it a “very astute” move. “He set her up for political betrayal,” Nader notes, adding that the strategy was “brilliant.”

In the nearly 20-minute interview, Nader discusses everything from Trump’s incompetence (“He is a mockery”) to trade agreements, immigration and the future of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The interview ends with Ramos asking if Nader has any advice for the Clinton and Trump campaigns. “Let people in to your election campaigns. Let them participate in the debates. Let them go to your rallies,” Nader answers. “Run a democratic — small ‘d’ — campaign.”

You can watch the entire interview below:

—Posted by Emma Niles

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