There’s nothing unfair, disrespectful or manipulative about what the MSNBC host does here. She simply asks these Joe Miller supporters in Alaska to explain why they’re so upset and … they can’t.

MSNBC via James Atkinson:

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Transcript from MSNBC:

Woman: Make sure you know that Lisa [Murkowski] confirmed Eric Holder and we disagree with that Rachel Maddow: She what? Woman: She voted to confirm Eric Holder RM: and why are you against that? Woman: because we’re — Man: –the most anti-gun attorney general this country has ever had. RM: What’s he done against guns? Man: Well what hasn’t he done against guns, let’s ask that question, let’s look at what his voting record beforehand — RM: Eric Holder wasn’t an elected official. Man: Well – hey – you know all I’m asking is look at his record with Obama then, look at — RM: What’s he done on guns that you’re upset about though, just so I — Man: I don’t know enough about that to answer that truthfully, Rachel RM: Can i just ask what you are upset about Eric Holder? Woman: because he’s anti gun RM: What has he done that’s anti gun/ Woman: I don’t have all the facts but i know that he is anti gun RM: There’s no specific thing that he’s done that’s anti gun? Man: Just look at his press releases, that’s all i say just look at his press releases, look where he’s coming from Woman — yeah look at his press releases — RM: I will but what press release — about what?. man: anything – just type into google Eric Holder 2nd amendment or Eric Holder and firearms, and you’ll find plenty of ammo to go RM: There’s no specific thing he’s done that you’re upset about? Woman #2: Yes there is RM: What is it? Woman #2: The voter intimidation and the black panthers RM: That’s – Woman#2: That’s what I’m upset about Eric Holder for, and Lisa Murkowski supported him. when they had those people out there in their military uniforms and nightsticks, and he refused to prosecute em because they were black? and that’s what’s happening in our judicial system right now? there’s an investigation on it, how many people don’t know about this RM: You think in the lower 48 the New Black Panthers are making a difference. Man: You won’t have them up here. RM: How come: Man: It just, the way how the country, this state is set up. It’s not conducive for what they’re trying to do. RM: Do you think the New Black Panthers are active in a lot of the lower 48? Man: Uh, major cities. I’ll just say major cities because I doubt they all have the support in the suburbs and in the, uh, counties outlying the cities. RM: So do you know, I mean, what you are talking about is one specific precinct that you are saying they made a difference, but you think they have a broader influence. Woman#2: You know what I am a busy mother and a busy American. I don’t have time to follow every issue. RM: I’m just trying to understand your concerns because you expressed them to me, so… Woman#2: And who are you? RM: My name’s Rachel! Woman#2: Are you Rachel Ma-? Oh! MSNBC. I’ve watched you very little. RM: Oh thank you! Don’t tell anybody! This is going to ruin your reputation.

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