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Paul Ryan on 'The Stench,' a ‘Dumber’ Romney, and More

Bad News Mitt:

A new poll shows something not shocking — that the majority has an unfavorable view of Romney’s “47 percent” comment. Perhaps more surprising, however, is that 32 percent actually saw the comments as “favorable.”(Read more)

Romney’s Heart Aches: In a blatant attempt to suck up to the 47 percent of voters he essentially wrote off as moochers, Mitt Romney is trying to pander to them now with a softer, gently, almost Bill Clinton-esque approach. While he stopped short of telling a group of potential voters in Ohio at a campaign stop Wednesday that he felt their pain, he did say, “I’ve been across this country. My heart aches for the people I’ve seen.” What a difference a drop in poll numbers makes. (Read more)

Not the Stench: Two things we learned after Politico’s attempt at satire: Mitt Romney is not actually nicknamed “The Stench” by Paul Ryan (though it would be apropos, given the current state of the Romney campaign), and PowerPoint can’t actually euthanize cattle. Oh, and here’s another thing: Politico is apparently not as adept at doing satire as, say, The Onion. (Read more)

Akin Bandwagon Grows: Republicans are apparently ready to support Todd Akin and his crazy ideas about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy. In the past few days, the Missouri Senate candidate has been endorsed by, among others, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Jim DeMint. Then again, the GOP has become the de facto party for saying stupid things about rape, meaning Akin and his ilk fit right in. (Read more)

Brown Staffers Called Racist: A Cherokee Nation chief condemned the congressional staffers of Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., who were caught on video making fun of Elizabeth Warren’s American Indian heritage by doing “Indian war whoops” and tomahawk chops. “The conduct of these individuals goes far beyond what is appropriate and proper in political discourse,” Chief Bill John Baker said in a statement, calling the demonstration “offensive” and “downright racist.” The contest between Brown and Warren is among the nastiest political races this election year. (Read more)

Fox News Fails: If there’s one thing Fox News does not do well, it’s graphs. Like the one that appeared on the cable news channel’s morning program “Fox & Friends.” Not only was the graph about the growth of government spending under the Obama administration in itself misleading and dishonest, but it also didn’t even get basic facts right. Take the photo of who was president in 1943, 1944 and 1945, for instance. The graph had Harry Truman pictured, even though Truman did not take office until April 1945 after FDR’s death. One has to ask whether Fox News is even trying anymore. (Read more)

Video of the Day: “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart takes a look at many of the recent gaffes in Mitt Romney’s campaign and has come to the following conclusion: Romney appears to be getting “dumber” as the election nears.

Bonus Video of the Day:

Conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s reaction to video of Mitt Romney trying to get the crowd to shout his name during a recent campaign stop in Ohio is absolutely priceless.

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