Bill O’Reilly and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann have been feuding for a while now (background story here, a video example, and another clip), and on Thursday, when a caller to O’Reilly’s show merely mentioned Olbermann’s name, Bill cut the line and said, “We have your phone number and we’re going to turn it over to Fox security, and you’re going to get a visit”–as though the caller was threatening O’Reilly–when in fact O’Reilly was threatening the caller!

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Too often, the media operate on a sort of “gentlemen’s agreement” not to criticize each other so it’s sometimes entertaining to see reporters and commentators step out of the “objective” pose, no matter how bizarrely.

It all started last Thursday when FNC host Bill O’Reilly announced a petition drive to get MSNBC to bring back fired host Phil Donahue out of “concern” for the network since the replacement host, Keith Olbermann, has actually lost viewers in the timeslot compared to three years ago when he first took over:

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The blog post about Thursday’s O’Reilly threat (from

We got him today. One mention of Keith Olberman and Bill wet his pants. After a week of pinpricks (about 3-5 mentions of Olberman), this one finally got to Bill…

In this call, you’ll hear Olberman’s name mentioned. It didn’t get broadcast – Bill dumped it. This sound comes from the Bill O’Reilly premium membership I just paid for. (I vomited in my mouth as I hit the “Finalize Order” button).

Tomorrow I want to have a big push. Today we reduced O’Reilly to making false and empty threats. Tomorrow, crush him.

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