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On the Anniversary of #MeToo, a Look at Our Best Reports

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Friday marks a year since a New York Times piece about Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein sparked a viral movement against sexual violence in its many forms. In honor of the milestone, Truthdig has rounded up some of its best original reports on the subject by columnists Sonali Kolhatkar, Kasia Anderson, Natasha Hakimi Zapata, Emily Wells and others. Click on the hyperlinked headline in the following list to read the full article.

Turning #MeToo Into a Movement for Gender Justice

Heads have fallen aplenty, but what will it take to channel this change into a lasting cultural shift?

#MeToo Creating a Slow but Steady Sea Change (Audio)

Truthdig Editor in Chief Robert Scheer sits down with professor and media expert Mary Murphy to discuss the #MeToo movement and her thoughts on the future of journalism.

It’s the Patriarchy, Stupid

Over and over, men like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Damon miss the larger point about the #MeToo movement.

I’ll Vouch for It: James Toback Is Capable of Sexual Harassment

Sixteen years ago, I had a professional encounter with “The Pick-up Artist” director that gives me reason to believe the women now accusing him.

How Should Journalists Report on the #MeToo Movement?

We have an obligation to listen—then report with nuance, attention and scrutiny.

Tony Robbins, Women See Who You Are

Your unprocessed anger was on full display in your behavior toward a woman who challenged your criticism of the #MeToo movement.

From #MeToo to #WeToo

Sexual harassment of women by men is an act of retaliation, but now the foundation of patriarchal dominance may be crumbling.

Why Some of Us Hesitated to Say #MeToo

To speak out on the issue of male power abuse, many women must leap into a personal reservoir of pain.

Sanders Wants a ‘Revolution’ in How We Treat Women

Known for campaigning for a political revolution in 2016, Bernie Sanders is now calling for a cultural one.

Beyond #MeToo and #IBelieveYou

If we really want to make our society safer, we must acknowledge the subtle ways we maintain a culture that disempowers women.

In the Era of #MeToo, Will Trump’s Accusers Finally Be Heard?

The GOP leadership should be called out on its hypocrisy in believing Roy Moore’s accusers—but not President Trump’s.

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