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Obama's Celebrity Corps Smaller, Less Enthusiastic This Season

Matt Damon has spoken of his disappointment with Barack Obama, his favorite candidate from 2008, and other famous Obama boosters from the last election cycle are also less willing to lend their names to the president’s cause this time around. But does their star power matter when it comes to getting votes? –KA

“The Angle” in

Are celebrities losing interest in President Obama? And will that depress the youth vote?

Not if you ask Bill Maher, who just a few days ago announced he is contributing $1 million to the super PAC backing Obama, Priorities USA. Nor if you ask NBA all-star Vince Carter, who hosted a fundraiser for President Obama at his Florida home last week.

But Matt Damon, Jon Stewart, Barbra Streisand, and Robert Redford have all expressed disillusionment with the president, and Bruce Springsteen recently suggested that he is reluctant to hit the campaign trail for Obama this year. Why? “I still support the president, but there are plenty of things that I thought took a long time and would have been closed by now,” Springsteen said at a press conference.

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