Sit Up and Take Notice:

President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Thursday night after the GOP convention to respond to Clint Eastwood’s speech, which, as you probably know by now, featured an awkward chat with an empty chair on stage that was supposed to represent President Obama. The president tweeted this funny response: “This seat’s taken,” with a photo attached of him sitting in a chair that says “The President” on the back. (Read more)

Surprise Star of GOP?: Clint Eastwood’s bit with the empty chair may have turned the prop—and the character, “Invisible Obama,” it was supposed to represent—into the real star of the RNC. A Twitter account sprung up almost immediately, and now has amassed tens of thousands of followers (despite the fact that it was briefly suspended). The anonymous person behind the Twitter account (he is supposed to be invisible after all) was even interviewed Friday by Mashable on the “Invisible Obama” sensation. The phenomenon has also spawned other Twitter accounts and some pretty hilarious Internet memes. Thanks, Clint! (Read more)

Paul’s Concerned About Romney: At least one person is not sold on Mitt Romney after his Republican National Convention speech—former GOP presidential rival Ron Paul. The Texas congressman says Romney’s speech left him “skeptical” that Romney would do anything to change the economy, if elected. Said Paul: “I remain very, very skeptical of hearing anything that will change the course of history. We have a debt problem. We have a spending problem, but how many things did he list to cut?” (Read more)

Ohio Takes Action: A victory for President Obama on Friday, as a court in the key battleground state of Ohio ruled to reinstate voting there three days before the election. That decision could have major ramifications in the 2012 presidential election. Still, the fight may not be over yet. The case could possibly head to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Read more)

Another Ryan Lie?: Has Paul Ryan been caught in yet another lie? By now, it’s been widely reported that the Republican VP nominee’s speech was filled with factual errors and questionable claims. But the latest possible lie has nothing to do with politics. Rather, it centers around his marathon time. Ryan claims he’s run a sub-three-hour time (which, if true, would be an impressive achievement indeed!), but so far Runner’s World has not been able to find any results of Ryan’s. Requests to his offices in Wisconsin and Washington, D.C., have also so far gone unanswered. Marathongate? (Read more)

Audio of the Day: Clint Eastwood’s widely panned RNC speech did receive some praise, most notably from conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh, who said he loved it, and added that Eastwood was “perfect.” Ummm. Maybe the radio host watched a different version of the speech?

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