Romnesia Care:

President Obama has come up with a term for Mitt Romney’s ever-changing attitude on women’s (among other) issues: “Romnesia.” “He’s forgetting what his own positions are — and he’s betting that you will too,” the president told a crowd in Fairfax, Va., on Friday. “We’ve got to name this condition that he’s going through. I think it’s called Romnesia.” (Read more)

A Romney-Biden White House?: Believe it or not, there’s actually a convoluted scenario in which this election could end with Mitt Romney becoming president and Joe Biden remaining vice president. Here’s how it could happen: If the Electoral College were to be tied at 269 votes apiece, the House would vote to decide who becomes the next president. Provided that party control does not change in either the House or Senate on Nov. 6 (experts say it is unlikely), the Republican majority would ensure the advantage goes to Romney. However, the Democratic-controlled Senate would get to pick who serves as VP—which does not bode well for Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan. (Read more)

Split the Vote: And on that note, it’s entirely possible that we could have another situation where the popular vote and the Electoral College do not match up, as in the 2000 presidential election. According to Charlie Cook: “Although Obama’s poll numbers are no longer dropping, he is locked in a tight contest: He trails Romney by 1 to 4 percentage points in national polling, yet he still holds a fragile lead in the Electoral College.” (Read more)

Priebus Putdown: Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s campaign evidently does not think too highly of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. An adviser to Johnson, Roger Stone, called the chairman “Reince Penis” during a radio interview and added that Priebus deserved to be in a police lineup. Stone accused Priebus of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to have Johnson bumped from the ballot in multiple states, and that Republicans would not allow the Libertarian candidate to participate in the debates out of fear he would siphon votes away from Romney. (Read more)

Fictional War: There’s no such thing as the “war on women,” Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan said at a private fundraiser Thursday. Ryan mocked criticism that the GOP is trying to erode women’s rights by noting that it was possible that tomorrow Republicans could be accused of waging a war against “left-handed Irishmen.” Is that a warning? (Read more)

It’s Science, Duh: Like Todd Akin, fellow Republican congressman Joe Walsh has a deep misunderstanding of science. Here’s the evidence: After debating Democrat Tammy Duckworth on Thursday, the Illinois representative claimed that advances in science and technology have eliminated the need for abortion exceptions due to concerns over the mother’s health. When asked whether he believed there was never an instance in which an abortion should be performed to save the mother’s life, he answered “absolutely.” This raises the question, “where do these guys get these ideas from?” (Read more)

Pretty Sorry: Arizona Senate contender Richard Carmona has apologized for joking that the man who moderated the debate between the candidate and Republican Jeff Flake was “prettier” than CNN’s Candy Crowley, who moderated the second presidential debate this week. “I tried to tell a joke to lighten the mood in a debate. I shouldn’t have, and I’m sorry,” he said. “Tried,” by the way, being the operative word here. (Read more)

Videos of the Day: President Obama made another visit to “The Daily Show” on Thursday night where, among other things, he discussed his most recent debate performance, last month’s attack in Libya and the economy with host Jon Stewart.

Here’s Part 1:

And Part 2:

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