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New York Times Journalist Secretly Led a Campaign Against It

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A New York Times classical music critic worked to discredit liberal media under a pseudonym; meanwhile, while outrage ensues over sexual harassment, Americans still haven’t developed similar amounts of anger regarding the wars the country wages across the world. These discoveries and more below.

The New York Times Journalist Who Secretly Led the Charge Against Liberal Media Bias
The untold story of the double agent who attacked the paper from within.

12 Most Insane Rules From the Biggest Neo-Nazi Website on the Internet
White supremacist style guides are…different.

Female House Candidate Withdraws Over Sexual Harassment Claim
Democrat Andrea Ramsey has dropped out of the race to take on GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder in Kansas after The Kanas City Star began questioning Ramsey about accusations made against her in a 2005 sexual harassment lawsuit.

China’s All-Seeing State
China has been building what it calls “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network”.

Punishment Is Not Enough
Powerful men losing their jobs is an important step, but not the only step, in changing our sexist culture.

We Regret to Inform You That a British Surgeon Was Branding His Initials on Livers
Carving your initials in a sedated patient’s transplanted liver? Criminal assault, according to U.K. courts.

When Will There be a Harvey Weinstein Moment for US Wars?
What’s puzzling is why our capacity for outrage and demand for accountability doesn’t extend to our now well-established penchant for waging war across much of the planet.

Academic Freedom Goes to Court in Turkey
The repression of academics in Turkey is worsening, writes Scott McLemee, who describes the growing international protest on behalf of such scholars and how one might join it.

In Ed Lee’s San Francisco, Utopia and Dystopia Are Neighbors
The city’s forest of new skyscrapers is at least in part the legacy of Mayor Ed Lee, who died early Tuesday morning after almost seven years in office.

Inside China’s Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking
In 2015, when Lazarus Liu moved home to China after studying logistics in the United Kingdom for three years, he quickly noticed that something had changed: Everyone paid for everything with their phones.

Proposed Tax on Graduate Students’ Tuition Waivers Appears to Be Dead
A legislative provision that would have effectively taxed tuition waivers used by graduate students to offset their educational costs will not be in the final tax package in Congress.

Why the #MeToo Movement Should Be Ready for a Backlash
As a much-needed reckoning happens in the workplace, look to college campuses for a note of caution.

America’s Wholesome Square Dancing Tradition Is a Tool of White Supremacy
If you live in the United States, chances are high that, growing up, you had to take square dancing in gym class.

If You Buy an Artwork, Can You Legally Eat It?
If you own a work of art, are you allowed to eat it? It’s unlikely that any serious collectors have pondered this rather Seussian question—but it did pop up on Reddit last month, and we decided to get to the bottom of it.

Amazon Trees Are Major Source of Methane Emissions
Trees growing in floodplains surrounding the Amazon river emit up to 20 million tonnes of methane gas (CH4) to the atmosphere every year, a study in Nature has estimated.

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