Murdoch's Post Declares War on OWS

This week, the media magnate’s notorious New York tabloid ran three consecutive covers that together branded Wall Street protesters as lazy, vicious beasts. Salon suggests the insults probably mean the occupiers are doing something right.

Wednesday’s cover featured a now discredited story about a Wall Street cafe letting workers go after occupiers hindered business. On Thursday, an indignant editorial demanded that Mayor Michael Bloomberg throw the protesters out. Friday’s issue spotlighted an angry, brawling homeless man.

Soon, perhaps, the Post will send a reporter out to talk to the people who are working to practice democracy, feed the homeless and build sustainable electricity, waste disposal and water-collection systems inside the park. But don’t count on it. — ARK


But the Post has now kicked its attacks on Occupy into high gear. Today the cover of the tabloid labeled the protesters “animals” (see image above). The story, complete with video, is about a “mentally ill” homeless man picking fights with those sleeping in the park. The homeless man is punched by a protester after his tent is kicked. And he’s not an anti-Wall Street protester; his cryptic signs say, “USA-Turk Army Ended My Diplomatic Career 6 Times” and “AC Tropicana Casino Robbed My $30K Pay For My Driving Job.”

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