Matt Taibbi Sees Possible Validation of Trump's Accusations About Media as Outcome of Russia Hearing

The Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow. (Wikimedia Commons)

KCRW’s Warren Olney interviewed Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone and David Corn of Mother Jones about Monday’s hearing on a possible Russian role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“This is one of the most consequential congressional hearings I’ve been at in a long time,” said Corn.

Taibbi’s take: “This is a highly complex story that has a lot of angles to it. … There is a political danger … if there are any holes” [in the Democratic narrative about Russia]. “It’s concerning. The one thing that can save Donald Trump politically right now is any kind of validation of his core accusation of media overreach and establishment bias against him. That’s what I worry about with this story.”

“That’s about 2 percent about what we should be worrying about, or caring about,” countered Corn. “The fact that Moscow attacked political figures here to try to win an election their way is the paramount issue. There is nothing more important than this set of issues. … We need for there to be a thorough investigation.”

Listen to the full interview below. Corn’s comments begin at 12:20 in the program; Taibbi’s thoughts begin at 16:16.

—Posted by Eric Ortiz

Eric Ortiz
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