'Left, Right & Center': Mom, Apple Pie and Wealth Redistribution?

If Mitt Romney was waiting for a change of subject before releasing more tax returns, this Friday of a week-from-hell was that day. His 2011 return shows him to be the kind of guy who does not take all the deductions to which he’s entitled.

Forty-seven percent became the number of the week based on Romney’s remarks at a GOP fundraising event in Palm Beach, Fla., deriding nearly half of the electorate who don’t pay income tax but collect “entitlements.” The Romney campaign hit back at President Obama with audiotape from the ’90s in which the man who would be POTUS enthuses over the redistribution of wealth.

Late in the week, Paul Ryan strode to the podium at an AARP convention like a man walking into a tiger enclosure, eager to test out his brand new tiger-proof suit. His audience obliged, greeting his promise to repeal Obamacare with a roar of boos and catcalls.

Truthdig Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer is joined by Matthew Continetti, editor of The Washington Free Beacon, and co-host Matt Miller as they tackle these issues and others on this week’s “Left, Right & Center.”

— Adapted from KCRW by Alexander Reed Kelly.


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