Jon Stewart's Epic Takedown of Fox News' Annual 'War on Christmas'

Over at Fox News, you can’t talk about Dec. 25 without bringing up the network’s made-up “War on Christmas.” The right-leaning cable channel has inundated its viewers over the years with the message that the consumerist Christian holiday is under assault by a nefarious group that includes people from other religions, atheists and liberals.

But look on the bright side. At least it gives “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart an opportunity every year to point at this inane rhetoric being pushed by Fox News. For Stewart, the time to weigh in on the network’s over-the-top coverage of the “War on Christmas” was Monday night.

During the program, Stewart, appearing bored with having to refute the network’s logic once more, demonstrated how routine the coverage has become by playing a game called “Make Fox News Mad Libs.” Just plug in a few words (for an example, Stewart used the recent controversy of the city of Santa Monica, Calif., banning nativity scenes in public parks) and voila, you’ve created your very own Fox News “War on Christmas” argument. Congratulations! You’re now ready to be a pundit for the caustic conservative channel.

“It’s as though the ‘War on Christmas’ has become a rote observance, devoid of all its original spiritual meaning,” he said.

Stewart further demonstrated the ludicrousness of Fox News’ argument by pointing out how pervasive Christmas and its imagery is in American pop culture. From Christmas displays, to Christmas stores, to Christmas television specials and episodes, the holiday has pretty much made its way into every crease and crevice. Not to mention the fact that the country is now beginning its celebration before Thanksgiving–you may remember that to be another major U.S. holiday–is over (hello, Black Thursday!).

And finally, because no takedown of the Fox News “War on Christmas” would be complete without it, Stewart took on his nemesis Bill O’Reilly. And why not? O’Reilly has, over the years, devoted numerous segments to the imaginary onslaught.

This year, however, he made a big mistake when discussing it on his Fox News program, and “The Daily Show” host mocked him for it. On “The O’Reilly Factor” last week, the ultimate culture warrior told David Silverman, president of American Atheists, that Christianity was a philosophy, not a religion.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” Stewart cried. “Bill, why? Bill, why? Have you learned nothing from our friendship?”

Evidently, that answer is no.

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 below:

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