A former reporter and professor of journalism argues that The New York Times omits and blurs facts to protect Israel; drones are having an impact on the way we measure crowds, which is significant in a number of ways; meanwhile, a Russian TV show tried to prove that American parents turn their children gay with propaganda. These discoveries and more below.

Russian State TV Shows Fake Video as ‘Proof’ U.S. Parents Indoctrinate Kids with Gay Porn Russia’s second-largest TV channel, the state-owned Rossiya-1, has aired a special news report alleging that Western society is indoctrinating its children with homosexual propaganda.

Scrubbing the Data: How the NY Times Obscures Israeli Crimes The New York Times takes up some unsavory topics concerning Israel in recent issues and in each instance leaves readers in the dark—omitting data, glossing over history and concealing the relevant context.

Who Will Log You Out When You’re Gone? I long ago exceeded my capacity to remember passwords, especially for my institutional accounts which require password changes at regular intervals.

Lessons From the Past: 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 25 years since I, along with much of the rest of the world, was stunned as the Berlin Wall came down – or, I should say, as it suddenly became permeable, eventually disappearing altogether sometime afterwards.

Drones Will Change the Way We Estimate Crowd Sizes, and That’s a Big Deal The famous social theorist Charles Tilly once said that social movements are legitimate and effective if they can demonstrate that they are WUNC: worthy, united, numerous, and committed.

The Secret History of Cars Begins With Bicycles Politically powerful 19th-century cyclists created road infrastructure in the U.S. and Europe—and many of them went on to lead the fledgling automobile industry.

‘Super-Pope’ Becomes Homosexuality Hero Look up in the sky! A bird? A plane? No, it’s the Super-Pope!

What the Media Gets Wrong About Israel The news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says.

The Fall and Rise of Economic History Without the concept of capitalism, the late French historian Fernand Braudel once wrote, it was impossible to study economic history. But the reverse is equally true: We can’t understand capitalism without economic history.

Rage in Jerusalem What the government of Israel calls its eternal, undivided capital is among the most precarious, divided cities in the world.

Students March for Ayotzinapa Thousands of students marched from Tlatelolco Square, site of the notorious student massacre of 1968, to the Zocalo in Mexico City recently in solidarity with the 43 disappeared students of the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers’ College in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero.

Ministers Uphold Jail Term for Jewish Weddings Performed Outside Rabbinate Brides, grooms and officiating rabbis who wish to circumvent Israel’s chief religious authority remain outlaws after proposed amendment to marriage reform is struck down.

How Sociologists Made Themselves Irrelevant Early in 2014, President Obama announced a new initiative, My Brother’s Keeper, aimed at alleviating the problems of black youth.


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