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How Israel's Netanyahu Is Falling Out of Favor With Europe

The Israeli prime minister doesn’t seem to notice the changes occurring in Europe with regard to Palestine; scientists have discovered the brain has different neurons for each flavor category; meanwhile, Google is offering to store a copy of your genome in the cloud at a small fee. These discoveries and more below.

Netanyahu Is Losing Europe’s Goodwill, Even Germany’s
Israel slow to realize a change in sentiment over Palestine that could challenge its legitimacy.

The Best Chase Scenes of All Time, in One Video Countdown
Cinefix has carved out a corner of the Internet for itself by putting together well-edited, well-argued video countdowns of everything from the best edits of all time to the best slow-motion scenes to the best horror movie death scenes of all time—and we’ve even tried something a little cheekier ourselves, with the 10 best sandwiches in film history.

Brain’s Taste Secrets Uncovered
The brain has specialist neurons for each of the five taste categories – salty, bitter, sour, sweet and umami – U.S. scientists have discovered.

Apocalypse Soonest
Muslim and Jewish extremists who yearn for the End of Days may get their wish—but not as they envision it.

The Secret to Raising the Minimum Wage May Be to Stop Trusting Democrats
Voters said yes to wage increases at the ballot box – even in the most conservative places. What now?

Cable Companies ‘Stunned’ by Obama’s ‘Extreme’ Net Neutrality Proposals
Major telecoms, lobbyist groups and politicians sharply respond to president’s call for greater regulation of internet as utility

Father Of Net Neutrality Supports Full Title II
It’s huge news today that President Obama has come out in support of strong net neutrality and open internet rules based on Title II of the Telecommunications Act.

Fukushima Radiation Off California Coast
Researchers announced on Monday they have detected “trace” amounts of radioactivity stemming from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident off the coast of California.

Google Wants to Store Your Genome
For $25 a year, Google will keep a copy of any genome in the cloud.

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