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How Bernie Sanders Won Over Iowa and Overtook Hillary Clinton in the Polls

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has shocked many with his recent success in Iowa, but maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised; media coverage of the U.K.’s Jeremy Corbyn has revealed The Guardian’s true colors; meanwhile, the IMF is telling Israel to stop spending so much money on defense.
These discoveries and more below.

Behind the Scenes With Bernie Sanders: Three Days in Iowa That Explain Why Hillary’s Fading and the Dems Have a New Front-Runner
If you want to understand the Sanders shocker, just go to Iowa and listen to his ideas and Hillary’s platitudes.

Meet the Bald Norwegians and Other Unknowns Who Actually Create the Songs That Top the Charts
The biggest pop star in America today is a man named Karl Martin Sandberg.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It: China’s Obama Impersonator Sets Sino-U.S. Stage
U.S.-China relations are a little frosty these days, just as Chinese President Xi Jinping heads to the U.S. to meet with President Barack Obama. But China’s star Obama impersonator Xiao Jiguo would never know it from the warm reception he gets in the Middle Kingdom.

The False Compassion of Pope Francis
No, women who get abortions aren’t automatically excommunicated from the Catholic Church. But you wouldn’t know that from the pope.

This Is What Jeremy Corbyn’s New Labour Coalition Looks Like
Even as the right-wing press derided Corbyn as a “weaponized lentil,” the shock was setting in.

Israel Spends Too Much on Defense, IMF Warns
Israel’s imports are rising and its exports falling.

Smear Unit Set to Work on BDS Activists
An Israeli spy agency revealed to Haaretz last week that it operates a “delegitimization department” which “routinely gathers information on foreign, left-wing organizations” that promote the Palestinian-led boycott of Israel.

Guardian’s Terrible Dilemma Over Corbyn
In autumn 2002, the Observer newspaper’s correspondent Ed Vulliamy found confirmation of a terrible truth many of us already suspected.

Teen Prosecuted as Adult for Having Naked Images – of Himself – on Phone
North Carolina high schooler and his girlfriend face legal proceedings over selfies as both the adult perpetrators and minor victims.

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