Black voters are a more diverse group than the media give them credit for; 2016 hasn’t just brought on the implosion of the GOP, but of the Democratic Party, too; meanwhile, a writer questions whether polygamy is the “next marriage rights frontier.” These discoveries and more below.

Clinton, Sanders, and the Myth of a Monolithic ‘Black Vote’ Many believe that Bernie Sanders will lose the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton in part because he cannot galvanize “the black vote.”

The Black People ‘Erased From History’ More than a million people in Mexico are descended from African slaves and identify as “black,” “dark” or “Afro-Mexican” even if they don’t look black.

The United States Museum of Holocaust Kitsch At Washington’s memorial to the genocide of Jews, history often takes a backseat to “collective memory.”

Hey, Democrats, Stop Gloating — Your Party Is Imploding Right Before Your Eyes, Too The enduring lesson of Campaign 2016 for Democrats is that the center cannot hold.

Breaking Up the Banks Might Make Things Worse. Instead, Let’s Take Ownership Some of the country’s biggest financial institutions would still need public bailouts if they failed. But it’s not their size that’s the problem, it’s how they’re run.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Olivia S. Mitchell’s Statistic The Social Security system, now in its 81st year, is (according to the Congressional Budget Office) solvent until 2029.

No, You Can’t Feel Sorry for Everyone The idea of empathy for all ignores the limits of human psychology.

The Other Crisis on the Mexican Border Animals are struggling to cope with the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Miniature Horses, a “Therapy Turkey” and the Rise of Support Animals in Flight Who said pigs can’t fly? Service-animal registrations are at an all-time high as helping aides in the form of monkeys and 160-pound bulldogs make their way onto airplanes with ease.

Polygamy Is the Next Marriage-Rights Frontier After the Supreme Court’s landmark gay marriage decision, can a constitutional right to plural marriage be far behind?

In Defense of ‘Me’ Studies Scholars who study issues related to their own identities produce valuable, intellectually rigorous research and do a great service to the academy, Phillip Ayoub and Deondra Rose write.

Another Lost Job for Salaita Reports are circulating that administrators at American University of Beirut have blocked his appointment to a permanent position there.

Boycott Over North Carolina’s LGBT ‘Bathroom Law’ May Be Gaining Traction as Economic Fallout Grows The pressure that corporations are putting on North Carolina to repeal what critics are calling an “anti-LGBT” law may be gaining traction, as the state faces the loss of hundreds of new jobs.

A Trojan Horse of Hate: North Carolina’s New Bill Is a ‘Hostile Takeover of Human Rights’ It goes beyond bathrooms. A hidden clause in HB2 prevents workers from suing under a state anti-discrimination law.

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