In the photo to the right, arch neoconservative William Kristol takes a pie in the face while delivering a pro-Iraq war speech in 2005. Bestselling author Glenn Greenwald describes (Salon, ad wall) how pundits like Kristol are on the run everywhere — after their bloodthirsty, imperialist policies have proved disastrous for America and global stability.

Glenn Greenwald at

… According to the president, American security is threatened when anti-U.S. resentment grows in the Middle East and the region is awash in violence. Our goal, then, is to bring about a new Middle East where the U.S. is viewed as a force for good and peace and freedom can take hold. That is the essence of the neoconservative worldview.

Measured by that standard, how are things going for the U.S. in the “new Middle East”? As the Independent reports, this is what was happening this weekend across that region:

“Mass protests have erupted across much of the Muslim world against the war in Lebanon, prompting louder and more desperate calls for a ceasefire from governments fearful of a popular backlash.

… Amazingly, the neoconservatives’ response to the patent failure of their warmongering approach is to urge more of the same, just with more intensity and with less restraint. When the violence they urge produces results that are the opposite of what they claim they want to achieve, their solution is never to reconsider the approach but, instead, to urge more violence and more wars.


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