On Thursday, Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka joined Alan Colmes for a radio interview on Fox News’ “The Alan Colmes Show.” The Green Party ticket only recently began receiving mainstream media coverage, and Stein and Baraka explain many aspects of the Green Party ticket to potentially unfamiliar listeners.

First, Colmes asks about the impact of the “Nader effect,” or the fear that voting for third-party candidates will split up the liberal vote and cause the Democratic Party to lose. “These are the most unpopular and disliked candidates in our history,” Stein responds. “People are saying ‘we’ve had enough of those guys.’ “

The conversation then turns to a comparison of Democratic Party and Green Party ideals. “We’re clearly more progressive than anybody else,” Baraka notes. Stein goes into more specifics, saying:

We overlap a lot in terms of what Hillary says, but it’s what Hillary does is the question. Hillary’s track record is for favoring the banks and hurting everyday people—like destroying the social safety net, the aid to families with dependent children. Hillary Clinton led the charge. They led the charge for NAFTA, which sent our jobs overseas; they led the charge for Wall Street deregulation that led the way to the meltdown of 9 million jobs and 5 million homes. And look at what Hillary’s doing right now. … Hillary can talk the talk, but she has decades of the walk behind her.

Baraka and Stein add that the lack of mainstream media coverage of their campaign is problematic, especially in regard to the presidential debates. “[T]he Commission on Presidential Debates is a fraud,” Stein states. “The American people not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know who we can vote for, and there are actually four candidates in this election who will be on the ballot for just about every voter.”

Colmes presses Stein on her proposal for eliminating student debt and improving the economy. “If you want to reduce the deficit and the debt, the only way you can do that is through public investments,” Stein says, defending her proposal of a stimulus package to kick-start the economy.

“Higher education is a right,” she continues, leading Colmes to grill her for details on her plan for student-debt forgiveness. Stein explains that the “Federal Reserve can create the money” and student debt would be erased by “expanding the money supply,” a move she says is akin to the financial bailout of Wall Street.

“Wouldn’t that lower the cost of a dollar, if you keep printing more money?” Colmes asks. “If the economy is truly expanding and becoming more productive,” Stein responds, “then it essentially takes care of itself.”

Stein and Baraka also explain how they would change U.S. foreign policy. “We will be miles ahead of the game just for coming in without owing favors in return to the weapons industry, the war contractors [and] the fossil fuel industry,” Stein declares. Adding to this idea, Baraka says that foreign policy under past Democratic leaders has been a failure. “One can argue Barack Obama is in many ways more aggressive than George W. Bush,” Baraka says, to Colmes’ astonishment. “We criticized George W. Bush because he was involved in torturing suspects, but Barack Obama—he avoided that by murdering them from the sky.”

Colmes responds, “You say murdering suspects from the sky—drone strikes?”

“Yeah, drones, illegal programs, a drone strike against people who the administration would — because of a secret process that would determine a so-called threat to the U.S. — they would kill that person,” Baraka continues. “And they … expanded that by even murdering U.S. citizens without due process.”

Listen to the entire interview below:

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

—Posted by Emma Niles

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