Clinton strategist turned Fox News provocateur Dick Morris brought his peculiar insight to bear on the Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama showdown, claiming: “Obama is in fact a better first than she is. First black is better than first woman in our politics in terms of valuing it.” What reasoning Morris used to make that determination remains a mystery, as he quickly moved on to the multitude of reasons why he feels Obama can’t win, and how he’ll leave the country if either one does.

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  • Transcript:Morris:

    You asked why the sudden rush to the spotlight — Hillary and Bill Clinton suffer from ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder. When they don’t get enough attention, they’re disordered.

    Alan Colmes:

    I know, Dick, you deep down inside have great admiration and love for the Clintons. They’ve done so much for you. They’ve made you a national person.




    I know you have those feelings somewhere inside you.


    I think that Hillary saw Obama building up momentum. Obama is in fact a better first than she is. First black is better than first woman in our politics in terms of valuing it. She got to feel she might be a little bit old hat, so she felt she had to get out there with this tease. I am going to announce that I am going to make a decision to announce and I will announce the date, and when I announce after the first of the year …


    Yeah, but every candidate kind of goes through those steps, and aren’t we kind of looking at her with much more of a microscope than we do other candidates?


    Well, I think she’s gotta maintain that head of momentum. But let me say this to you: Barack Obama is the best thing that’s ever happened to Hillary Clinton, because he can’t win. You think about the guy for five minutes and you’re not going to vote for him. No foreign policy experience, no Armed Services Committee experience, two years in the Senate, a state senator for …


    Look at George W. Bush — had no foreign policy experience, one-and-a-half term governor. Come on.


    I know. Nobody is going to vote for him … when you do her against him against Hillary.

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