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Could Chimps' Food Help Us Cure Human Diseases?



Scientists are looking in seemingly peculiar places to treat illnesses such as cancer; a new book argues the upper middle class is contributing to American inequality; meanwhile, moss is combating air pollution in some cities, one pop-up wall at a time. These discoveries and more below.

Scientists Are Studying Chimpanzee Food as a Way to Treat Human Diseases, Including Cancer
Fancy eating a kroma fruit? How about a prickly badi? Or zoobo leaves? If you are feeling unwell, perhaps you should.

Blocking Access to Free Expression in Israel
A Knesset committee has approved for its final votes a benighted bill aimed at granting the government control over the content the public can be exposed to online.

We Are the 99 Percent—Except for the Top 20 Percent of Us
In a new book, Richard V. Reeves argues that members of the upper middle class, not just the ultra-wealthy, are making our society profoundly unequal.

It Is Not Our Job to Fit Into the Democratic Establishment
The new president of Our Revolution on race, class, electoral strategy, and whether we’ll feel the Bern in 2020.

Proof That Americans Are Lying About Their Sexual Desires
What Google searches for porn tell us about ourselves.

Celebrating the Fourth of July in 1941, in Vale, Oregon
Photographer Russell Lee, while working for the Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information, visited the small town of Vale, in eastern Oregon, on the Fourth of July in 1941.

A Canadian Take on the American Revolutionary War
It’s an odd ‘freedom struggle’ that sends 60,000 people fleeing to Canada for their lives, and let’s not forget the autocratic tyrant who supplied the freedom-loving Americans with their guns.

As Democratic Voters Shift Left, ‘Liberal Media’ Keep Shifting Right
In the past few years, the Democratic Party’s rank and file has shifted left on major issues. In contrast, nominally liberal media—or major media whose editorial line is reliably pro-Democratic—have drifted rightward.

Milestones in Consumer Capitalist Kitsch: Water Dept.
Remember hearing about the water sommeliers of fancy restaurants, who enraged the proletariat and inflamed the Internet trolls? Well, they’ve made their way into packaged goods.

A Moss Wall with the Pollution-Eating Power of 275 Trees
The CityTree is a pop-up moss wall capable of consuming as much air pollution in an urban environment as a small forest.

Chaos in Moscow as People Flee From Out-of-Control Portable Toilets
Being chased down the street by an insubordinate loo isn’t your run-of-the-mill horror story.

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