Convention Day Two: Ron Paul Delegates Lose Fight to Be Reseated

Tracy Bloom
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Tracy Bloom

Mitt Romney was officially nominated Tuesday as the 2012 Republican choice for president, one day after the roll call vote was originally scheduled to take place. Day One of the Republican National Convention was mostly canceled due to Hurricane Isaac.

However, Tuesday’s vote to nominate Romney didn’t go off without a hitch, as Ron Paul supporters caused quite a ruckus. Still, a boisterous chant of “seat Maine now” was not enough to reseat 10 delegates from the state who are supportive of Paul’s presidential candidacy, as the Paul supporters ultimately ended up losing a voice vote.

The Washington Post:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus just declared that the credentials report passed by voice vote, but Paul supporters were very loud. Some in the crowded shouted down the next speaker, chanting “seat Maine now,” “seat them now” and “point of order” to protest the ruling. The speaker even tried to suggest they were chanting “USA! USA!” Priebus had to step in and gavel the crowd back into order.

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As a result, 10 unelected Mitt Romney supporters from Maine will replace the 10 elected Paul ones from the Pine Tree State at the GOP convention.

“Maine got screwed of half their delegates. They got taken away and were replaced by people the RNC picked,” said Jorge Landivar, a Texas delegate who supports Paul’s presidential bid.

The Portland Press Herald:

Tuesday’s action follows weeks of political wrangling between Paul supporters, the Romney campaign and Republican National Committee officials intent on staging a convention without distractions, disruptions and dissent toward Romney.

After weeks of discussions, members of the RNC voted overwhelmingly last week to deny seats to 10 pro-Paul delegates and fill them with 10 Mainers expected to support Romney. The RNC’s Credentials Committee agreed with an earlier conclusion that Maine’s delegate-selection process was plagued by illegal votes and parliamentary violations.

After their unsuccessful attempt to re-seat the Paul delegates, several of Maine’s delegation members walked off the convention floor to talk to media and discuss strategy. Most of Paul’s supporters from Maine who were in the crowd also left the convention floor.

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— Posted by Tracy Bloom.

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