A Bernie Sanders supporter in Pittsburgh earlier this year. (Mark Dixon / CC 2.0)

Editor’s note: At the end of each week, Truthdig presents our readers with a poll. The question is related to the week’s election news and changes every week, so be sure to check in and cast your vote!

The presidential candidates continue to hurtle toward the November election, and aggressive tactics are ramping up in the campaigns. It started when Donald Trump “[m]ade a bold play for the black vote” Aug. 19, and then changed his stance on immigration in an attempt to dispute allegations of racism. Then, midway through the week, Trump labeled Hillary Clinton a “bigot,” leading her to fire back with a speech that insinuated Trump is a racist (she also released a new campaign ad with a similar theme).

The Green Party’s Jill Stein, too, increased assertive tactics. She wrote an open letter, published Tuesday, in which she declared her support for WikiLeaks—a position that differs from that of Clinton; Stein is clearly trying to come down hard in areas where Clinton has been losing progressives.

And speaking of the progressive movement, one of the most-discussed political developments this week was the launch of Our Revolution, an organization created by Bernie Sanders to further progressive ideals. The venture quickly garnered negative attention, however, when more than half of the staff quit, reportedly because Sanders’ former campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, was appointed president of the group.

Many protests and public demonstrations erupted or continued throughout this week. Indigenous tribes continued an occupation at North Dakota’s Cannonball River to protest the proposed Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). The Fed Up campaign also staged a demonstration outside the Federal Reserve building in Jackson Hole, Wyo. Truthdig Associate Editor Alexander Kelly writes that these “black and Latino working-class activists [at a Fed symposium being held in the Wyoming resort town] attempted to hold leading U.S. economic policymakers accountable to communities of color.”

Progressive Americans continue to hope for an advancement of the movement led by Sanders during his run for president, but the drama surrounding Our Revolution has left many disheartened. Truthdig wants to hear from you: Do you believe that Our Revolution will be able to further the progressive cause? Let us know in the poll below. One vote per person, please. (Make your selection and then click on “Vote.” To see results of the polling, click on “Results.”)

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Do you believe that Our Revolution will be able to further the progressive cause?
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