A documentary about the treatment of animals at SeaWorld could have a lot to do with its plummeting shares; the militarization of U.S. suburbs is something we all need to pay close attention to; meanwhile, a black person is killed by authorities or pseudo-authorities every 28 hours in America. These discoveries and more below.

People Are Learning More About SeaWorld’s Practices. That’s Why Its Stock Is Crashing. Like a captive orca crashing down into the waters of its bathtub prison, shares of SeaWorld Entertainment are plunging today after the theme park operator delivered a dreadful earnings report.

Should the Internet Be Like the Public Library? As Americans, we love to think we’re number one, but the truth is that when it comes to internet speed we’re pretty mediocre.

Why Do We Love the Music We Heard as Teenagers? As I plod through my 20s, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon: The music I loved as a teenager means more to me than ever—but with each passing year, the new songs on the radio sound like noisy nonsense.

Hillary Clinton’s Atlantic Interview Shows She’s Not Inevitable The most important unanswered question about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign (which she more or less confirmed to Jeffrey Goldberg in an Atlantic interview) is how she’s changed since 2008. The answer is that she hasn’t — at least not on foreign policy.

LAPD Shoots, Kills Black Man During ‘Investigative Stop’ The Los Angeles Police Department shot and killed a black man in South L.A. on Monday.

Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police A Black person is murdered by cops, security guards or self-appointed vigilantes every 28 hours in the U.S.

Scholars Vow to Stay Away From U. of Illinois Over Its Handling of Israel Critic Nearly 300 scholars have signed petitions pledging to stay away from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign until it rescinds its decision not to hire Steven G. Salaita, whose appointment as a tenured professor of American Indian studies was blocked after he came under fire for tweets criticizing Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams Killed Himself Because of a ‘Political Leftist’ Attitude Radio host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday said that actor Robin Williams’ alleged suicide was caused by his “political leftist” state of mind.

ISIS Sharia: Guys in Polo Shirts, Ray-Bans Enforcing Medieval Laws Vice reporter Medyan Dairieh is releasing a five-part series of video reports from inside ISIS’s self-declared Islamic state, and the new fourth installment covers the institution of sharia law in Raqqa, an ISIS-controlled city in Syria.

Public Enemy Number One? When did it become okay for multiple officers, dressed for war, to aim assault rifles at unarmed civilians who pose no threat?

Hamas’s Chances The current war in Gaza was not one Israel or Hamas sought. But both had no doubt that a new confrontation would come.

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