An effort to get Macy’s to stop selling Donald Trump’s products is gaining traction just as the holiday shopping season gets under way. Nearly 400,000 people have signed a petition asking the retailer to end its association with the conservative loudmouth and billionaire business mogul. Macy’s is the exclusive seller of Trump clothing and fragrance products.

From the petition:

Recently, Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren sent Donald Trump a letter touting how excited Macy’s was to be working with Trump and promising to expand Trump’s brand even further than it already is.

But, why is Macy’s celebrating Trump?

Donald Trump engages in especially unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior.

Among the reasons the petition lists are Trump’s sexist behavior, his hypocrisy on criticizing jobs being shipped to China (his clothing line is made there and in other Asian countries), his denial of climate change and his repeated pushing of the birther conspiracy theory.

Think Progress has more on the controversies surrounding “The Donald”:

Trump gained prominence during the 2012 election for relentlessly promoting the discredited conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the United States. He vocally maintains that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the election results were “a travesty, a total sham, a disgusting injustice” and “urged Americans to march on Washington.” He claims global warming is “a concept created by and for the Chinese to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Trump also promotes dangerous conspiracy theories about vaccines.

The petition began after Macy’s latest ad, which features Trump making a birther joke. In the commercial, Trump skeptically goes over to Kris Kringle and tugs on his beard to see whether he’s the real Santa Claus.

— Posted by Tracy Bloom.


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