Army Puts a Woman in Charge

Women make up just 13 percent of the Army, but one of them now oversees the training of every single drill sergeant. That means she also oversees, by extension, the training of every single soldier.

Command Sgt. Maj. Teresa L. King will be the first woman to run an Army drill instructor school, and there’s only one since the Army consolidated all of its schools into one facility.

King is a trailblazer, but she’s no bra burner. She idolizes Patton, thought about dropping out of the military to spread the Gospel and thinks most women are not capable of frontline combat — although she tells The New York Times that women should be allowed to fight if they prove that they are. — PS

New York Times:

Asked if women should be allowed into front-line combat units, she said yes, but only if they can meet the same standards as men.

While she believes she can meet those standards, she says that most [women] can not. As if to prove her point, she scored a perfect 300 on her semiannual physical training test last week, doing 34 push-ups and 66 situps, each in under two minutes, then ran two miles in 16 minutes 10 seconds (well below the required 17:36 for her age group.)

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